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This channel broadcasts the universal response of the world economy and power structure derived from Japan's secrets.

In Japan, it is dangerous to say something, so I will send it in English.

This is very useful information and a key to long-term investment activity, but it relies on Google Translate.

In Japan it is said that referring to people from the Japanese ghetto or immigrants is discriminatory.

Even if you say it, you may be discriminated against and destroy your life

These organizations have unparalleled power in political and administrative human rights around the world, and inciting victims is a powerful force to maintain vested interests.

Not only that, some organizations are good at mind control and brainwashing technology and are already irreversibly expanding.

You may not think it matters, but these organizations are also rising in the United States and vested interests in oil are having a huge impact worldwide

Drugs, agricultural products, fiber, plastics, everywhere and their associated evil are growing

In my experience, sexless hormones have been used as additives in prescription drugs, and toxic substances, such as arsenic, have been introduced into the diet and have become chronically depressed, making them less visible in prenatal monitoring groups. Killed socially, killed for insurance

Global recession and increased genderlessness may be due to vested interests in organizations related to the rights of these drugs

They are equally valuable people of social information sharing, made up of people with significant influence in the media around the world.

Talking about this, they are considered terrorists, monitored by satellite, and various crackdowns are launched

Could you forgive these people?

can not forgive

I can only imagine that my mother was killed and some of her parents were killed.

We will deliver such a thing.

But don't say that. Because it is being targeted

This is similar to what is commonly called conspiracy theory, and what is called Jewish discrimination. Jewish discrimination is illegal in the United States, but quite different.

The difference is that it is not a matter of particular race or organization, but a natural reaction of the universal philosophical narrow sense of humanity and the structure of power.

The following video shows the motivation-driven organizational identity and potential targets.

This tells you which people and organizations are better nearby, but you will probably find that you are already close.

In that case, you are very scared, but this distribution is useful.

And ultimately leads to Bible interpretation.

Why did the Lord send Christ and why did he prophesy to mankind?

This is understandable if it is logical.

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