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Iraq calls for U.S. withdrawal

Hello I'm a Japanese. My father looks like a Middle East or Southeast Asian and my mother is half Korean and Southeast Asian but old Japanese

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In this video, we'll talk about why America should withdraw from Iraq and what it takes to do so

The necessary information will be traced from a philosophical point of view, and we will discuss why we should and should be able to do so.

First of all, I would like to talk about why the United States attacked Iraq, but I will talk about it from two philosophical perspectives because it does not end when I start to say the details

First, this struggle goes back hundreds of years to the age of the voyages

At that time the United States does not exist

The British invasion of the Middle East, which comes from oil interests

From there, the history of petroleum rights begins and leads to the so-called Jewish conspiracy theory

Time flows in spite of such dissatisfaction, leading to the Iraq war

The war in Iraq is, at the extreme, due to retaliation, apprehension and crisis management for the long-standing dissatisfaction outlet that emerged as terrorism.

If you have to do it, you have to do it

But this war did not result in good things

And that disbelief later becomes conspiracy theory and terrorism, leading to a conflict with modern Iran

I understand that this can be described in terms of the philosophical perspective of the conflict between Caucasians and the Middle East, and given the historical background, it is impossible to ask the actions of people hundreds of years ago now with the current good and evil. I think you can.

It is easy to imagine that there will be a rebellion against local people being evil and protecting the local people with a face of justice

What would it be like if the people who killed your parents had the face of justice to treat you as villain and protect the security of your city?

This is creating more hatred

So in the United States, there must be no white people

This is why the United States should withdraw

But that said, in the face of Iran's repressive situation on the people, those who were on the side of the United States would be terrible

So you ca n’t withdraw

I will also provide a solution for this later

And another is that the Middle East has a biblical conflict

Of course, it can be said that the conflict with white people is the same

I think this Middle Eastern Bible issue can be broadly understood by saying Islam and Jewish

This can be shown from the philosophical point of view of the conflict within the Middle East, and given the historical background, it is understandable that the actions of people hundreds of years ago cannot be questioned by the present good and evil. I think you can.

That's why the United States can't withdraw

So what to do

We will talk about what you need to do to withdraw from here and what you can do

That's easy

Asians can take the place of the United States

And there are countries that can do a very good job

It is Japan

Let's talk about why we can't do it, what we can't do, and how we can do it.

The United States fought for freedom, democracy and world stability

There have been many war dead

But some people say that America is savage.

Some people look only at the consequences of the Iraq war and ignore the compelling reasons to get there

Is it wrong to fight terrorism?

Of course, as long as there are people who can benefit from fighting wars and selling weapons in a capitalist society, it cannot be said that there was nothing conspiracy.

But that is not a reason to impose all responsibility on the United States, and doing so does not lead to a good future.

And sadly, the Japanese are complaining about it.

They complain of the United States despite fighting.

Many, but not all, of the people I have seen are from the Chinese faction.

And they are working hard in Japanese politics to join forces with China and fight only the United States.

But here we need to understand why the Chinese factions say such things.

And it goes back to World War II.

At that time Japan was part of China today.

Its territory includes South Korea and North Korea.

Even after the atomic bomb was dropped and the war ended, Japan kept its secret line of defense.

And the North and South Korean War hes begun.

A ceasefire occurred on the way while the United States attacked from the south.

And other japan was born in North Korea.

There was a Japanese soldier left behind.

The Chinese faction in Japan is trying to protect them.

That is why he does not want to give force to Japan under US rule and does not allow him to go to the Middle East.


And from here I want to hear more about this Chinese faction and my feud

I grew up mixed with arsenic since I was a child

Every time I got depressed

The first dating, the first presentation after moving, the soccer game, the intense fear that always visits in important scenes remembered in many memories

Relatives have similar symptoms, are they genetic? I thought

Many misfortunes that fall down on the clan so that they can only be considered miracles

Debt, violence, fraud, false charges, illness, and death

The details will be another video, but a turning point comes after a certain incident

In Japan, there are people who are highly affected by incest, and there are many people who are very similar or have many people born with disabilities

They were called Burakumin and had been discriminated against before World War I.

That is a taboo in Japan and must not be said

I have lived without knowing that because I must not say

I just thought I shouldn't say that I'm a Buraku somehow, and I thought it was natural that I would be a Buraku

And when I was talking about a comedian at a tavern, there was a girl who looked very similar to that entertainer and laughed involuntarily

I thought it was rude but sometimes I couldn't stop laughing

And then intense sanctions from the Buraku community began

But I've been subject to discrimination for the next 10 years

But if you think about it now, it's a bit more intense

But one day, that discrimination began to be life-threatening

On my way to fishing with the president who always takes care of my work, I sometimes passed a house that was scammed about 20 years ago due to a housing scam, and said, I used to be my house in the past. It fits with the scam, I explained, and passed through with the feeling that he was impatient for some reason, but he "where eh? Where?"

At that time, a tribal girl who aborted my child who had been dating me for a long time three times married my brother

I talked to the president a few years later and found that the culprit who scammed my mother 20 years ago and ran a scam was working for the president's company.

And by chance, I seemed to have become friends with the offender's son about ten years ago, and realized that it was a great accident and explained it to the president

Then he finished the checkout so that I was impatient

From there it was hell

I started to realize that all the people I met so far were connected behind the scenes

And even trying to drink something, such as mixing arsenic or other drugs

It is said that the discomfort and depression symptoms that I felt since childhood, laughter did not stop, and breathing became difficult due to these medications.

What I found out was that I found that the religion that connects power with the Chinese faction in Japan and the ethnic consciousness of Burakumin

When everything was connected, the memory of my life was connected like a running light

And at the same time I realized a fact

The fact that I was a descendant of the army that attacked China during World War II had a close kinship with the Japanese king

This organization is proliferating driven by perceived hate and hatred

Jealousy, jealousy, and revenge

Kurt Cobain had extraordinary talent

Kurt Cobain commits suicide in depression

Kurt Cobain's wife was a religion of this organization and belonged to the religion Soka Gakkai

Carpenters, Cid Vicious, Queen, Mac Miller, ...

Suspicious deaths are forever in the media

Japan's national broadcasters and the nation's most popular television stations are under the control of that organization

And all media can be said to be dominated by the nature of capitalism

I will explain these in another video, but I want to know that I am in Japan with Korean blood

And Burakumin are also in Japan.

And these are the reasons why Yakuza exists in Japan

You will wonder here

If so, you are not a friend

What I learned was that the Chinese factions who said they shouldn't be discriminated were those who had been discarded on the southern island of South Korea, a Jeju Islander, whose Buraku Japan community was being washed away. Being a descendant of

And those who settled in Japan became friends with those who had been discriminated in Japan

That's the Burakumin

In other words, they seem to be hostile to those who ruled in the past, that is, those who were in the imperial family or in power

It is the current Prime Minister Abe that is facing that hostility, and in a broad sense it is an American faction

People who repeat discrimination because they must not be discriminated have connections around the world

American Jewish Rockefeller, Viking Gypsy, Chinese Hakka Overseas Chinese, Korean Jeju Islanders, Japanese Burakumin

Of course many people are just ordinary people and have no innocence

On the contrary, he is active all over the world and does many good things

However, under the influence of the powerful network, the network that performs wrongdoing also expanded, and blindness was created without knowing the same fellowship

There's no such thing, isn't that crazy? , Schizophrenia who says what electromagnetic waves are

So how many people have been killed so far

There is no way for individuals to get evidence from the hidden repression by the state power

The lawyer world is also invaded by capital and has no meaning

There is only evidence of small harassment

And become half homeless

And they impose justice that only those values ​​that can be quantified by capitalism are worth it

Assume that only things that are fluid and pass between people are worth it, and that things that can not be quantified are worthless because they are worthless

When there is a person who is not popular with the opposite sex in a joint party, the other child looks cute

Are unpopular people failing to provide value to society?

Don't discriminate is the same as abandoning love

What is wrong with distinguishing my child from another's child

I must value the country where I was born and raised and say that it is discrimination

Repression is justified because it does not discriminate

Everything is ugly and bad people benefit because they don't look at the individual

We need the power of the state to consider things that cannot be quantified

In order to save the weak, it is necessary to apply the collective power

What is needed is a revision of the Japanese constitution

There must be something Japan can do

And that may be my enemy ally

I don't know the truth, but I want to share it with you

Discrimination against Jews in the U.S. is illegal if discriminated against, and state crackdown begins when referring to Japanese Burakumin

However, although certain crimes are true, they may be responsible for the activities of operatives who want to make Soka Gakkai a bad guy.

Sounds strange?

And this phenomenon is written in the Bible