Inevitable evil and the world of the Bible

In conclusion, I want President Trump to be reelected

Did you know that there are ninjas in Japan?

Ninjas are thought to have existed in Japan in the past, but in fact they are still changing shape

But because they are acting in secret, they can not see, change costumes, do not have shurikens or swords

Ninjas are operatives of a secret organization that was active during the Japanese war.

Those born to work in the shadows were forced to live to die in the shadows, including spies, incitements, assassinations, and abductions

From birth, he was subject to painful practices, and in some ninja villages, there was a sad habit that some families were killed by their families and were recognized as the first to live.

Their identities are tied to the person responsible for what is inherently considered "evil" and do work that many people dislike

There is inevitable evil in this world, something that must be killed, something that is not allowed but must be done.

A simple example of this inevitable evil is when a child asks, "How were you born?" And "from male genitals to female genitals ..."

For example, children who believe in gifts from Santa Claus on a flying reindeer say, "Do you have Santa today? No chimneys but are you OK?"

And adults lie

A variety of these unavoidable or evil things are going around with security

For example, secrets that need a lie, military people who are at risk of divulging information, have a problem if their enemies have friends, even though they are told they should not lie. If the state allows it, it puts the state at risk.

If information is leaked to the enemy, it is better not to plan.

What is waiting for inevitable necessary evil that is said to be inevitable necessary evil for self-made self-performance that is constantly occurring around the world

Does what the Lord has written on the scroll of happiness left for mankind obey it?

In the case of Japan, secret power is left behind as ninja.

The same can be said for the way to make poisons such as arsenic, the way to deceive people, and the skills of magicians.

Such information disparity is born by ethnic groups and exists in the same nation, but the disparity of common understanding and the loss of governance are occurring in the present world, which is spelled “in that time” in the Bible. I think there is.

Power seeks to dominate the world by attracting various powers.

There is the name evil that mimics the appearance of justice, atrocities, and many necessary evils that the public cannot imagine.

Although the world has killed each other for a long time, in Japan it is relatively unlikely to be in such an imminent environment, and some have assumed all the evil.

The role played by so-called ethnic communities called Burakumin

However, over time, this community has become very evil and too inoperative

This phenomenon occurs not only in Japan but also in the United States, including drug traffickers armed at the military level and spies defeated by intelligence agencies.

Freedom and democracy are on the brink of collapse until they hinder terrorists and other countries

Can we counter the escalation of social evil caused by the evil imposed on humanity?

In my experience, this "irresponsible evil", called the necessary evil, is different from the so-called spontaneous evil, which is poverty and unavoidable, intelligent, planned, active, social You. Mighty

Of course, this "irresponsible evil", that is, the evil that is caused by those who are considered highly social and those who use their own public power, also occurs naturally.

However, unlike evil that humans have as a means of self-defense, it is different from evil that is essential to sustaining life, such as jealousy, resentment, hatred, and attachment.

Mankind who abuses the power within these powers, the most hated strong power comes from necessary evil.

Regardless of what appears to be an accident when considered normally, or a very high suspicion of murder, it takes into account some power, sympathetic pressure and even ethnic discrimination

Of course, we must take into account the fact that some people are tricking and using these people, but they are a punishment for a few false sins that must be born by imperfect humans.

In a democratic society, different people have the same rights and need to explain to those who do not want to tell Santa's truth or fly away from the sky without accepting Santa's truth.

Take people into politics who want to believe in Santa's gift.

Happy and dangerous times

Only those who normally have the duty and responsibility to remedy can exercise what is considered inevitable evil.

There are people in Japan who shape their identity as an inevitable evil role

It is just a modern ninja

Over time, the presence of the component began to say: "We must not discriminate, play the role of evil, rule, and punish the superior."

This phenomenon can be seen anywhere in the world. The issue of Iran is recent and easy to imagine

I don't want to say evil

However, democracies such as the United States and Japan cannot leave the world at the helm of those who begin to say seriously that "the atomic bomb will be dropped because God has forgiven."

However, a closer look at the nature of this Iranian problem shows that the United States has the same problem.


State power works with security and legitimacy in mind

There are many situations where activity is restricted or weak

At that time, those who can fight at the forefront of danger are violent people with evil nature in modern times

With some physical abilities and relevance, it is only useful value by guiding human genetics accumulated over the years into battle

The most important thing is the desire for money

However, while you can easily recruit talent, gold-covered mercenaries reverse the logic of good and evil

War is better for mercenaries because you can earn when a war occurs.

But do they want to be at the forefront of the conflict?

Of course, many of them may just be soldiers

But if a wise man is lost, conflict will intensify because of the universal nature of capitalism and humanity

Because there is their justice.

Always invisible, like the truth about endless conflicts taking place in the world

Think about it

What can be done when a person bound by common sense and ethics becomes president?

Obama appears to have repeatedly assassinated with powerful force.

Did something go away?

It doesn't seem to settle

One after another, a strong hatred successor is born

Similar events are taking place in the battle between the United States and Iran just because it looks sensational with the development of information technology.

America will always stay in this hell if you are bound by ethics

And look back on Japan not fighting

The United States, which went to war in Iraq, was evil, and World War II was evil, completed saying that it would not pay respect to those who died at the forefront due to freedom and democracy.

Some people may not want to fight, but because they are Japanese and there are killers, they do nothing wrong during the war, and there are those who are responsible for the Manchurian Incident or the Korean War . Is

On the contrary, there are people who are the same Japanese but make men and women, Genpei, Jomon and Yayoi, etc. as much as vested interests.

And they have a strong influence at the center of state power

If you clarify what happened in World War II and take what is right about Japanese people taking over historical culture and traditions, the brunt will be directed to the United States.

But that choice is not right for the future and present people of Japan.

From a philosophical point of view, if you read the Bible and find it very different from the colloquial translation, it is a star-shaped expression

There is no such expression in the spoken translation I read, so it may have been intentionally hidden, but I felt that the truth of mankind was spoken here, so I spell it here.

In a brief review, this is a story where an intelligent creature called the Lord interweaves with humans, and its content has various elements such as cruelty, eros, and science fiction.

Most importantly, the fact that this is a historical book and a genealogy of mankind

Of course, I totally believe everything.

In other words, I believe in different dimensions of intellectual life in ancient books of the world, including the Old Testament and Kojiki.

I think this is the same as the gods depicted in myths such as Nippon Shoki, and the description that reproduces the star is also a true description by a god who can manipulate gravity

Otherwise, there is no way to explain

Understanding the relationship between the mythological world and the stars means that ancient human ancestors manipulated the stars

Solutions derived from such assumptions have raised the question that the problems of the present world are relatively educated in Christianity today.

Not only does it seem to deny all the trials, but it seems to some Christians today to express Christ, and conversely, the principle of philosophical narrowness emanating from the Old Testament. Some weekend religions were blindly considered to be universal answers

Christ may have denied the fact that the Old Testament was originally true, but my interpretation at the time was that he denied rulers who were domineering in Bible authority, especially demons in the hearts of the rulers. did

It is not surprising that the Old Testament itself was not created to convey something, but to return to the assumption that the Lord and man met, gave advice, and spelled facts.

In other words, the inability of the New Testament and Old Testament to be expressed in good and evil like Star Wars means that many of the Bible believers I have seen serve a good interpretation of service, justice, and evil to justify oppression. It just means replacing.

Doubt whether you really believe in the existence of the Lord and what is written in the Bible.

I sincerely believe in the Bible and believe in the Lord

So, I am absolutely confident in the narrow meaning and interpretation I have reached. And I doubt how other interpretations of a particular Christian brain can be.

A ninja manga named Naruto, sold worldwide, is a ninja manga called Naruto representing China, and Naruto has defeated old Japanese deities such as Amaterasu.

The conflict between the old and the new, such as through comics, has led us to a whirlwind of struggle without realizing it.

In conclusion, it is only a statement that Christ did not deny the weekend religion

This means that Christianity must not lie to religion, and that weekend religions must not deny Christ.

Even if rejected by Christianity, if tokenism denies Christ, it cannot be denied unless one can go back in time.

Everything is a lie that can develop negative and only valid logic, probably because Christ revealed the religion of the time

But I deny all these

The Old Testament is all true and claims that Christ does not deny the Old Testament

It's no wonder that the Millennium has been around for many years, and the Earth's rotation speed, that is, the current moon could have been one day at the time, the Lord is the ancestor of humankind who failed to maintain civilization

And in order to escape civilization destruction, he was connected with wilderness sapiens of the same origin in harmony with nature

It was just for fun, a quest for a genius that could sustain civilization, a journey into space, some form of slavery, or a genetic factor for a variety of reasons.

The distance can't be calculated, such as when Master and Moses walk for decades, which can be a myth by controlling the stars. The position of the star, the rotation speed, and even the gravity change.

Like the Japanese gods, there are various people in the Lord. God is everywhere, some teach that everyone is important, others believe that dictatorship, fear, and fighting are the only security.

Anyway, all these events are the advice that the intelligent creature gave the incompetent monkey more than 2,000 years ago.

Modern humans with short-lived and diverse ecosystems may have reached philosophical sophistication.

As the Lord himself has stated, he is intelligent because he has tenderness, conflict, and human rights awareness.

And it is clearly the same, because it is clearly defined that those who ate the fruit of wisdom are the same.

Therefore, the answer of mankind must be determined by us.

And that decision also includes the decision not to decide.

In some cases time can be resolved.

The Lord is not timeless. There is no need to give advice if you are over time.

And the most interesting is John's revelation

People begin to split immediately, because too many people are affected by the crime because of the close proximity to state power without evidence

The department is roughly divided into seven.

One is damage and this is correct

Another is the aggregation that faces them and says that this is correct.

There are two groups, like the modern media that follows these two.

If you make a mistake, as in the modern media that follows these two, you will be in two groups.

Not affiliated or interested

And innocent pure sheep are torn between these seven churches

Those who cannot forgive sheep are angry

And an old snake, a red dragon, is born

John's Apocalypse was the Lord's past, which failed to maintain civilization, and would have shown something visualized. That is why the expression dream is made.

People eventually gather in Jerusalem.

These represent the coming ice age.

I had a mysterious dream

It may have been brought to the population by an electromagnetic wave attack assigned to me

I don't know it's a dream, but it's not real

Real feelings, emotions come first, stories come later

Mysterious feeling that it is very sunny but very sad

Like the sorrow of a new born old man,

Leave yourself to the tranquility of the universe ...

Peek into the Pacific Ocean from above the clouds

I can hear the voice of a man

"Um, yeah, it looks useless, it's nuclear, uh ... somehow I tried to warm it, but I can't do it in time.

Another thought body that is not completely me

Of course, it's just a dream

But even if you think logically, I don't think the last expression "I can't do it in time" came from me.

Always visit during the ice age

I imagine recent frequent earthquakes are warming the sea with nuclear energy.

Is there a reliable source of heat during the ice age?

Shale gas cannot reach the ice age.

When the earth freezes, it can no longer be mined

Humanity may have to think more than kill each other to maintain vested interests by causing reckless revenge.

As we know from the Lord's advice, the Bible, what we eat, we, who are destined to share with the earth, may not have enough time.

Wake up, then visit immediately