The beginning of discrimination that you must not discriminate

People who used centripetal force based on the common perception that the world after World War II should not be discriminated flourished.

It can be said that those who are Jewish due to the impact of the Nazi slaughter are representative symbols and represent minorities, blacks and women in each country.

In the euro area, gypsy viking, Korean Jeju Islanders, Chinese Hakka Chinese, Japanese Burakumin

The rise of these people was very prosperous.

New to memory are the first black U.S. President Obama and rich travelers in China.

However, while accelerating material abundance in the name of globalism, accelerating mental poverty has expanded the darkness.

The centripetal force that has helped to control the democracy of each nation is devastating: "don't discriminate" or "we were discriminated in the past."

It is the religion that has used the strongest influence that has been used to expand the organization to take advantage of these victims.

Everyone was impressed with its incomparable legitimacy to help the weak.

Such an unrivaled organized army has expanded to cover the entire world, but there are poverty and evil traits that are born behind its glory, even within the community. You.

It seems that not all Jews are rich.

But the poor think inside.

"If we use the same power we have a chance."

And the birth was a collective driven by hatred.

The nature of being delighted in degrading a person is considered evil, but in an aggregate where the victim's emotions are the centripetal force, it is good and power to have the nature regarded as evil.

If the appearance was not beautiful, it was desirable to make up for it elsewhere, and it was possible to promote marriage and economic activities in an advantageous manner.

The evil that accelerates to the extent that it can be protected as bad as it is evil never stops.

Because there is no universally complete right and wrong in the real world.

In the next video, we will discuss the subject of "What is Justice" by Harvard University Professor Michael Sandel, who is a bustling world, then think about justice, and recommend the professor's class that is open to the public a little further. I would like to explain about universal justice.

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